Beautiful World

As a photographer my job is to capture a moment, to preserve some piece of history to digital memory to remind us later what human memory has forgotten. Even when I create art it is a time capsule into whatever my though processes were at that time. Even more maybe a reflection of what I was influenced by and how I interpreted the world around me. I never really thought of myself as a historian or one tasked with the preservation of historical record, but yet in so many ways that’s exactly what I and many others in my profession have become. In truth the most important function of the digital photograph in our time is to preserve memory. Take a moment and think back and some of your most fond memories, if you’re over 25 years old there’s a good chance you have quite a few that there are no photos of. These moments captured within our minds and consciousness as long as we have the ability to remember them. No fast forward to the last big event you went to, how many photos did you capture with your phone? did you video? We capture so much because we’re afraid that we’ll forget, we move so fast that we fear that we will miss something. Photos are now a way to capture a moment because we no longer live in the moment. We don’t take time to be there, or to immerse ourselves in the magic of the now. . . THEN SUDDENLY THE WORLD STOPPED, there was no rush, no packed schedules, no over commitments. Out of no where we all were given a chance to truly see what is around us, and rediscover just how to be in the moment now. Some of us have always known and some of of our just realizing that despite it all we live in a beautiful world. I wish to encourage you to find something you find beautiful and capture it! slow down, appreciate, and use whatever medium you see fit, whether it be a pro dslr, a phone camera, a sketch book, or pen and paper make it your own.

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