Trials of Fire and Ice

I’m sitting in my favorite chair in the living room giddy with excitement. I had just watched the trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie for what felt like the 100th time. It was gory and awesome just like the game that many of millennials grew up playing. The fight scene between the fire engulfed ninja Scorpion and his frozen arch nemesis Sub Zero was nothing short of epic, it was bloody brutal and I enjoyed every moment of it. As crazy as it may seem this was actually a high point in stark contrast to just one week earlier.

In Just one week my family had to endure a fire in the home of a close loved one and 2 ice storms that brought down trees not to far from home. We quite literally had endure trials of both fire and Ice. What a surreal scene to look at a building covered in ice that had just been set a blaze. The round that was packed with 1st responders now just a dimly lit pathway whose frozen surface glistened in the moon light. The sounds of sirens and pandemonium now given away to silence.

I sat in a moment of reflection and couldn’t help but draw parallels between the battle between scorpion and sub zero and the events we had just witnessed in real life. Maybe life has the strangest ways of evening thins out to bring its way back to a perfect balance and harmony. Who am I to say? I am grateful that everyone made it though safely and that we can now begin to rebuild.

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