Why Would You Give up Now?

Why do we dream? What is it about humanity that makes us dare to be so ambitious? Are we born with the ante desire to push the boundaries of what’s possible just to see how far we can go. Many of us set goals but it’s the true dreamers that manifest a reality, visualize what they want and then begin creating it piece by piece. It’s what fuels those who are motivated and truly see that things as they are but the way thanks could be. I consider myself to be a dreamer, I have these grandiose ideas and notions a bout all that I can build in everything that I can conquer. With dreams sometimes there’s nightmares, not so much bad dreams as much as obstacles and roadblocks the slow us down. Comparing ourselves to others around us as if to say that if we aren’t we are a certain person is or a certain person was at the same age we are then somehow we’re behind or we’ve failed. The issue is that our dreams are very personal, they come from within and they should be judged as such.

I’ve found myself anxious because i feel like I’m not doing enough, afraid because I don’t want to fail, and motionless because I get stuck in my own thoughts. Like many others sometimes I get smothered under the wait of my ambitious to the point that i question what I was thinking in the first place. I’ve learned that it’s ok, all of it is ok. It’s ok to be hurt, it’s ok to fail, it’s ok to vent your frustrations. It’s all apart of the process and it’s all going to be well worth it in the end. Why would you give up now? You’ve come to far to turn back and believe me the best is yet to come. So if you need to take a break, do it. If you need to rethink some things, thats fine too. Cry, laugh nd even scream if that helps, do whatever you need to do it’s all ok except for one thing… quitting! This thing means too much to you to quit so understand that that isn’t an option.

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