Poem Noir

What is it that captures the heart? Is it money, is it lust? Or is it thrill of chasing something that you know you’ll never get? It’s funny now but I used to be one of those people… running running not running towards anything or away from anything just running day by day …going nowhere.

It’s strange how the picture become so much clearer when to step back and give you through a different lens. This citiy is changing,  its not the place I grew up… no… some fear change while others embrace it. Is it a good thing? or a bad thing? Humph… the only thing I know is if you’re not ready You’ll get pushed aside like the old drunk does have one too many and happy hour ended, a few hours ago.

Well… that’s fine. Because As long as she’s by my side I become fearless,  she captured my heart a while ago. Lost in the seduction of her charms, I asquece  to her every whim. . . Oh the stories she’ll tell, in this city there’s a million of them just waiting to be heard. . .

She has her ways, you don’t wanna talk… friend she’ll have you singing like that canary outside your window @ 5 am on your one day off that won’t shut up! Oh yeah eventually she makes everyone talk.

But in the end it’s not so bad, It’s quite beautiful in fact. Capturing the very essence of human consciousness and putting it on display for the whole world to see, And see they will . . . How could they look away?

Maybe it’s just time To embrace what we are, and wear it like the one good suit in the closet that you hate to wear because everybody saw you wearing it 2 days ago. Yeah just like that.

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